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When are automatic ReachOutâ„¢ campaigns delivered to my users?


The Usage Intelligence SDK can check for automatic ReachOut™ campaigns when it calls home to the server. This can happen during an automatic or manual sync and in both cases you control whether it should check for available automatic ReachOut™ campaigns.

Automatic Sync

The Usage Intelligence SDK performs an automatic sync when ruiStartSDK() is called, and every 20 minutes after that while the application is running. If ReachOut on auto sync is enabled when creating the configuration through ruiCreateConfig(), it will check for automatic ReachOut™ campaigns every time it performs an automatic sync. More information about creating config can be found in the documentation:

Manual Sync

Your application can instruct the Usage Intelligence SDK to call home to the server by calling ruiSync(). This function accepts a Boolean parameter to specify whether it should check for automatic ReachOut™ campaigns during the sync. More information on manual sync can be found in the documentation:

Note that the Usage Intelligence SDK never checks for automatic ReachOut™ campaigns when the sync is done as part of the ruiStopSDK() function.

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