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How can I manage my account quotas?


How can I tell whether I will exceed my account quota?

To see all information related to your quota usage for the current billing cycle, log in to your Revulytics Product Dashboard, go to the Administration page and under Subscription Plan and Quotas click on Quota Usage. The quota usage is broken down individually for each feature such as Unique Active Installations, Basic and Advanced Events, Custom Events etc. From the same page you will also be able to see when your current billing cycle started and when it will end, so you can tell when your quota usage will be reset.

How do I know that I will not exceed my account quota?

If you do not know which plan is ideal for you, Revulytics support will be glad to help you choose the best plan that fits your product and company needs. Over time, as your needs change and your user base grows, you will want to keep an eye on your monthly quota usage.

Revulytics recommends that you consider upgrading your plan once you hit 90% usage so you will have enough buffer to cater for usage spikes in your product. Keep in mind that Revulytics supports custom plans so if you need to extend the quota only for a particular functionality, this may be possible.

The Revulytics server will also send out email notifications when you reach 80% and 90% of your quota respectively for each of the functionality you are using.

What happens if I exceed my account quota and do not upgrade?

If you exceed the active user quota for your account, Usage Intelligence will simply stop tracking new users until the end of the month. This means that valuable data from additional users that are running your product will not be collected until your quotas are reset at the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle. In the case of License Keys and Custom Events, such data will be lost once you exceed the allowed quota.

Over-quota situations should be avoided as this will result in reports showing you skewed and unreliable data which does not reflect reality. More information on what happens when you exceed your quota can be found in this KBase article.

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