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What is the size threshold for the Revulytics Usage Intelligence log file and can this be changed?


Revulytics Usage Intelligence caches tracking data inside a log file named ruilog.log. In case your application cannot connect to the Revulytics server for a number of days or runtime sessions, all cached data is retained in this log file until the next successful sync.

However in order to cater for environments where the user is running permanently offline or your application is blocked from accessing the Revulytics servers, the Usage Intelligence SDK will limit the maximum size of this log file to 1MB by default.

If for any reason you wish to increase or decrease the maximum threshold for this log file, please contact support via our helpdesk to discuss your requirements. Usage Intelligence has a method to manually change this configuration setting from the server side which in turn will instruct all your active clients to adopt the new custom file size threshold.

For more information on the list of configuration and log files maintained by the Usage Intelligence SDK please check out this KBase article.

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