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Do testing builds affect my reports and quotas?


If you have integrated the SDK and have callhome enabled whilst testing a development build, Revulytics Usage Intelligence will keep track of data collected from these builds just like any other public build. This way you will be able to confirm that your SDK implementation is working properly before you release your product to the public.

Bypass Tracking

In order to bypass tracking you may consider implementing a mechanism in your product which will not send data to the Revulytics servers at all for testing or internal builds. This can be done by including a flag in the registry or a setting in your application config/ini file which indicates to your software whether tracking should be disabled on that particular environment or machine. A simple Boolean value would allow you to check for this setting before calling the Usage Intelligence API so you can bypass the call to ruiStartSDK() and other API calls.

Purging Data

Before you launch your product, Usage Intelligence also offers you the possibility to purge all your test data and start with a fresh account. This is particularly useful after your initial Usage Intelligence evaluation once you’re ready to roll out your product to the public. More info on how this works can be found here.

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