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What is Custom Event Tracking?


Custom Events are collected via the ruiTrackEventText() or ruiTrackEventCustom() API calls. When collecting these events, they will be included with the statistics associated with basic events including usage counts and other statistics. Additionally you will have the ability to download the custom events in CSV format on a daily/monthly basis, which will include the meta data related to each event as well as the custom data logged with the event.

Custom event data can be collected with both Basic and Advanced events. More information on how Basic, Advanced, and Custom events differ from one another can be found in this KBase article.

The custom data field can contain any string length of your choice so you can collect multiple values delimited by a '|' (pipe) character for example.

Each tracked custom event contains:

  • Meta data collected automatically by the Usage Intelligence SDK. Such meta data includes the full user profile such as product version, build number, OS, language, license type, geo location, hardware architecture, etc)
  • The unique Usage Intelligence Client ID that generated that event.
  • The custom string data that was collected with the event.

Custom events are designed for download and use for offline processing or automated parsing, as well as for integrating with third party BI solutions. For more information on Custom Event tracking check out this blog article.

Custom Events are billed by the amount of data collected. For more info on how this billing works check out this KBase article.

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