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Revulytics Usage Intelligence plugin for JetBrains Resharper


This article applies to legacy version 3 only.

If you are using JetBrains ReSharper with Visual Studio IDE, you can use the Revulytics Usage Intelligence plugin for Resharper to quickly integrate the Usage Intelligence SDK into your application. The plugin will safely and automatically add runtime intelligence tracking code into your software and provide you with options to manage Event Tracking via the UI without having to manually add tracking code.

For instructions and screenshots on how to use this plugin you can check out this blog post: Using Usage Intelligence with JetBrains Resharper

Obtaining the latest Plugin

You may download the latest Usage Intelligence ReSharper plugin from:


  • 1.0 (23 April 2015)
    • Released official plugin for R# version 8.2

  • 0.9 (15 April 2015)
    • Released BETA plugin for R# version 8.x

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