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File Format for uploading keys to the License Key Registry


The Revulytics Usage Intelligence License Key Registry can be used for tracking license key usage/activation, count how many unique installations are sharing the same license key on your client machines, as well as send ReachOut™ messages to users whose licensing status matches particular criteria.

You can read about the features and benefits of the license key tracking service in this blog post.

Adding and uploading keys to the Revulytics server

You have 3 methods by which you can upload key data to the Revulytics server:

  1. Add/Edit keys manually from the License Key Management page.
  2. Bulk insert/update keys by uploading a CSV file manually from the License Key Management page.
  3. Use the Web API to Insert/update/sync license keys directly from your CRM as soon as a new license key is issued. Please view the License Key Management documentation for more details. You might need to contact support to enable Web API access on your account.

CSV license key upload file format

Please download the attached sample file using the link at the bottom of this KBase for reference purposes.

When uploading keys manually via CSV file, the keys should be stored in plain text CSV using the field order below:

key string, license type,whitelisted, blacklisted, activated, expired, expiry date, install quota, free text notes

- Every key must be added on a seperate line. - Lines starting with the characters "###" are ignored by the key processor so you can use this to insert headers or comments inside the CSV file. - The key string (first field) cannot be left empty

Updating existing keys and resolving conflicts

When updating existing keys on the server, any field that is left empty in the CSV file will retain the old value on the server. All other fields that contain data will overwrite the values on the server's key registry. When updating a license key that is already in use, the usage counts for that key are not reset so no data is lost.

Preparing and upload the license key file

The CSV needs to be compressed in a ZIP file before being uploaded to the server. You can include as many CSV files in the ZIP file as you need. All CSV files must have a .csv extension. Any other file extension are ignored.


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