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What happens if I exceed my Revulytics account quota?


Every Revulytics Usage Intelligence Subscription plan is allocated a quota for the maximum number of Unique Active Installations. An Active installation is a user who calls home at least once during your product's 30-day billing cycle. Once you reach your installation quota, Usage Intelligence will simply stop tracking any new users until you reach the end of your billing cycle. At this point, the quota is reset back to zero and data from new users starts being collected again.

Which installations are tracked and which are ignored?

The server operates on a first-come-first-served basis which means it will start accepting users until the account quota is reached. Once the quota is exceeded, any client that tries to call home to the Revulytics server will be sent a 'backoff for x days' message which will impede the SDK from trying to contact the server for at least x days. During these days, all user activity data for this installation is lost and this client is not allowed to contact the Revulytics server for any purpose (including License Key checking or check for updates).

What are the implications of operating over quota?

When operating above quota, some reports might end up showing you a skewed perception of reality. The reason is that an active user which is being tracked during month 1 might end up being rejected during month 2 since new users would have taken all available slots. This means this client might end up showing as a lost lead when in fact he is still active, thus the number of lost leads will be greater than reality. Likewise, the amount of reported NEW users will only show those users who managed to get an available slot before the quota was reached. Hence the amount of new users will not include those users who were rejected by the server.

Therefore if you operate over quota, the number of New/Active/Lost users will be skewed and so will the dashboard data related to Net user gain, Growth rate, New and Lost evaluations, etc. The more users you have over quota, the more it will skew the results and this can cause substantial inaccuracy in all reports. It is therefore not recommended to allow your account to reach the maximum quota.

How do I check my quota usage?

You may check your quota and billing cycle dates at any time by logging in to your Usage Intelligence Product Dashboard, go to the Administration and under Subscription Plan and Quotas click on Quotas Usage.

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