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Can I export and download my analytics data for offline use?


Yes, Revulytics Usage Intelligence allows you to export data offline for processing or integration with third party BI solutions.

The recommended and most flexible option is by using the Usage Intelligence Reporting API which allows you to query the analytics server and extract various types of statistics or segments of data for any given date range. Details on how to use this API is available in the Reporting API documentation.

For Custom Event Data, you are also able to download archives containing the raw custom events that were collected from tracked clients. You can find these archives by logging in to the Revulytics Usage Intelligence Dashboard and from the menu go to Feature & Event Tracking > Custom Event Tracking. This method gives you the ability to download the list of events in the form of a compressed CSV file. For each raw event recorded, the file will contain a timestamp of when the event occurred, the unique Revulytics client idea identifying the installation that generated the event as well as all user profile details and the custom string data that you have collected with each event.

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