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How does Revulytics Usage Intelligence detect New/Lost Users or Installs/Uninstalls?


Revulytics Usage Intelligence detects user installations/uninstallations based solely on end-user call-home activity, therefore you are not required to make any updates or integration in your installer or uninstaller script. This makes it easier to maintain and also works uniformly even if your software is a simple executable without an installer.

The first time a user launches your application, it is recorded as a new installation. Every new installation is fingerprinted and uniquely tracked for the duration of it's lifetime. Please read this KBase article to learn how Usage Intelligence identifies unique users.

When a user uninstalls, deletes, or does not run your software anymore, it will stop calling home to the Revulytics server. After it stops calling home for a specific number of days, it is declared LOST. The default time interval after which a user is declared lost by the Revulytics Server is set to 40 days. However this value can be configured by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the the Usage Intelligence Dashboard
  2. Switch to the respective product and then go to the Administration page
  3. Under the Product Settings section change the value for Days Declared Lost

What happens when a user is declared lost and then starts using the software again?

When a user is declared lost, it is based on the assumption that this user will never be seen again. However if the user is seen again after being declared lost, his status is once again set to active and he will not show up in any lost user reports. This is automatically handled by the Revulytics server.

For example if you have a days-to-declare-lost interval set to 30 days and a user hasn't used your software since January 1, on January 30 that user will be declared lost and will show in reports as a lost user. However if this user re-emerges again on February 5 and your application calls home, then the Revulytics server will no longer consider them lost. Hence any lost users reports generated on or after February 5 will not include this particular user.

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