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How can I use ReachOut™ if my product runs as a service without a User Interface?


The Revulytics Usage Intelligence API allows you to check for messages and retrieve content from your ReachOut™ campaign as plain text or HTML. This gives you the option to display the message in any way you like within the UI, or if your product does not have an active User Interface, you can deliver the message content to the user via any communications channel that your product has access to, such as an email or a balloon notification.

When you’re creating your ReachOut™ campaign from the Usage Intelligence Dashboard, click the button to create a Manual Campaign and enter your message as plain text or else in the form of a URL. To see examples on how to set up your campaign in the Dashboard, you can check out the blog post In-App Messaging using Usage Intelligence ReachOut™. More specifically at the section Building your first ReachOut™ Campaign > Example 3.

More information on how to implement the MessageCheck API in your application can also be found in the respective API documentation for your preferred platform:

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