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Cannot get any tracking data to show up in reports and the debug log shows Error 404


If you are unable to get your product to call home successfully to the Revulytics server, it could be that you are using an incorrect callhome URL and/or Product ID.

In such cases, in the Revulytics Usage Intelligence debug log file you might see log entries similar to this:

"Error Message: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."

The debug log file (tbdebug.log) is created in the path you specified when calling the tbSetFilePath() function.

How to fix the problem

  1. Login to your account and choose the product from the product selector dropdown
  2. Navigate to the Administration page and under Product Settings you will find the unique callhome URL and product ID which you need to use to initialize the config

IMPORTANT: If you have already run your application once using an incorrect URL or Product ID, then you must delete all Usage Intelligence files before running your application again. The files you need to delete are:

  • Windows

    • tbconfig.xml
    • tbinfo.xml
    • tblog.log
    • tbdebug.log

  • Linux / Mac

    • tbconfig.cfg
    • tblog.log
    • tbdebug.log

Once you have deleted all files and copied the correct URL and product ID, you can run your application again and the files above will be recreated automatically by the Usage Intelligence SDK.

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