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Validating your PayPal account and troubleshooting failed payments
My VAT number is being rejected or reported as invalid. What should I do?
Does my account qualify as VAT Exempt?
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SDK integration and Technical queries
How does Revulytics Usage Intelligence identify unique users/installations? What happens when a user uninstalls, reinstalls or formats?
File Format for uploading keys to the License Key Registry
What's the difference between Basic Events, Advanced/Filtered Events, and Custom Event tracking?
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Privacy and Best Practices
Are there any legal or privacy concerns when using Revulytics Usage Intelligence?
Can my software be classified as spyware if I use the Revulytics Usage Intelligence SDK?
Product Releases and Updates
Revulytics Usage Intelligence SDK versions and updates - Changelog
How can I participate in the Revulytics Usage Intelligence BETA program?
Differences between Revulytics SDK version 3 and version 4
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Pre-Sales and Product Management
Comparing Revulytics Usage Intelligence with Google Analytics or web-analytics solutions
What type of data can I store in Custom Properties?
What is Custom Event Tracking?
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Legacy SDK articles
How do I resolve namespace conflicts with Trackerbird.Tracker.App
Account Management
How do I change my login email / username?

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How does the Revulytics call home protocol work? Article rated 3.7/5.0
Once you register a free Revulytics account and integrate the Usage Intelligence SDK, all your software installations will start calling home to the Revulytics server. The server will collect anonymou...
What is the Revulytics Usage Intelligence Fair Use Policy? Article rated 3.4/5.0
The monthly quotas assigned to every free and premium plan are defined in our pricing table on this page: The quotas assigned to every account are automatically ...
What is multi-session mode and how should it be used? Article rated 4.3/5.0
When and how should multi-session mode be used? Desktop versions of the Revulytics Usage Intelligence SDK require a Boolean parameter named “multiSessionEnabled” when calling tbCreateConfig() o...

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